Sweep Oar Bag


These Sweep Oar Bags are made of TETRON and are ideal for storing and protecting your Sweep Oars. Fantastically priced!

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The Sweep Oar Bag is yet another useful Ankaa rowing accessory.

Made of TETRON these elegant oar bags are used to store and protect your Sweep Oars both in your garage and while moving them around.

Each Ankaa oar bag can hold up to 2 oars and helps in preventing damage and scratching during oar movement during transportation. Simply roll up and store the oar bag when not in use in a corner – so easy to look after!

Ankaa Sweep Oar Bags are available in a RED and BLUE combo(as in the picture).

In addition,Ankaa can supply Sweep Oar Bags with your logo printed on them for larger quantities.


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