Adjustable Heel Tie Clips


Featuring a fully adjustable design and easy-to-use operation, These clips will change the way rowers and clubs think about safety heel ties.

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Quick Adjustment for Heel Travel

You need heel ties to row safely but tying and untying them is a pain and often not practical when adjusting their length or swapping shoes between seats or boats. So Unicorn Rowing invented a new solution.

Our Adjustable Heel Tie Clips allow effective length adjustment, quick changes and come with a load rated cord and marine grade stainless steel clip. If your heel ties don’t have this level of engineering and thought, are they up to the job when it counts?

The simple design allows you to adjust the different lengths needed for different sizes of shoes and comfort levels and the clip will ensure there is no excuse to hit the water without this vital safety piece in place.

Product details

  • Easy use clip on/ clip off heel ties – no more shoe laces or knots
  • Enhanced safety
  • Fully length adjustable for different shoe sizes and movement needs
  • Load rated, marine-grade fully stainless clip
  • Stays in the boat for safety
  • A great upgrade option for your Unicorn Rowing shoes
  • Lightweight


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